Where do you find images for your blog?

by Dana on March 7, 2013


As you can see, this newborn blog is still a work-in-progress.  I’d like to include at least one picture with each post, so I’m off on a search.

Wish me luck on my latest adventure, or better yet, point me in the right direction!  So…where do YOU find images for your blog?


Check back later to see what I find :)



Stop and Smell the Roses

February 9, 2013 Essential Oils Blog

  Can you believe it is already February?  Don’t let this year fly by!  Make a conscious effort to “stop and smell the roses.”  We are experiencing a relatively warm winter here in the South.  Mainly we deal with rainy days, not snow days.  Well, one day this past week, it began sprinkling as we were finishing up homeschooling for the day (I have 3 boys ages 14, 8, and 7).  I told them to run quickly outside to see if they had left any shoes or toys to be picked up before they got wet.  After about 5-10 minutes, they still had not returned inside.  When I looked out the window, what were they doing?  Yes, playing in the rain.  In that moment, I made a decision.  Instead of hollering for them to get back and finish their schoolwork, I decided that it could wait a few more minutes.  [...] Read the full article...»

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Thieves Essential Oils – The Secret To A Healthier Home

May 13, 2012 Essential Oils Blog
Start Living With Thieves kit toxin-free home care kit. Includes home and personal care items.

  Looking for natural cleaning products for your home? Here are some helpful ways to use Thieves products. Read the full article...»

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